Admission and the registration in the IRK system

When the admission process will start?

The admission process will start on 19 of April 2022.

 How can I enroll in one of the programs?

To enroll in one of the programs at the University of Opole you need to register in the online recruitment system IRK. You can find more information about the admission process here.

I have provided all the data at the IRK but can not sign in to the program. Why?

It means that some required data are missing. When you click the “Sign in” button on the page of the chosen program there will be a message why you can not sing in and what data you need to fill in. Please follow the detailed instruction.

 How can I pay the registration fee?

The payment data will be available in the section “Payments” in your IRK account once you signed in for the chosen program. Please note that each candidate has its own account number. More information can be found here.

Can tuition fee be paid in installments?

You can pay the tuition fee in two installments – 750 EUR before each semester.

Is there any scholarship or discount for international students?

No, there is no scholarship or discount for international students. International students are entitled to apply for the scholarship for the best students after their first year of study at the University of Opole, on the basis of their grades and academic activities.

I have paid the registration fee, how can I check whether the university has received it?

Once your payment is received, you will see it at your IRK account in the section “Enrollment applications” – the status of the registration fee will be “Paid”. Please note that for oversees payments it may take longer, up to 10-14 days.

I paid my registration fee a few days ago and it is still not reflected in the system. What should I do know?

If you paid via international transfer, it make take longer time before the money reaches the account. If it takes more than two weekz, then we recommend to contact with your bank and check if the money left your account.

What documents do I need to upload to my IRK account?

You need to upload all the required documents. If at the time of registration you are waiting for an apostille/legalization of your documents – please contact us hello@uni.opole.pl. You need to provide us with the originals of all documents till 14 of September.  

How to upload scans of documents in my IRK account?

Scan of your diploma/ school certificate, transcript of records and language certificate should be attached in Personal forms – Education. There you have to select the information about the document (such as its number, date of issue ect.) and click option „Save and add certificate”. It will enable to upload a file from your computer.

From where can I download Enrollment application, Application for accommodation and Statement on delivery of letters in electronic forms? Where should I upload them?

These forms can be downloaded from Enrollment applications – Documents and further steps. After printing and signing, you should attach them in Enrollment applications in Enclosure of the scanned documents by the foreign candidates.

What grades should  I provide in the IRK account when applying for a Bachelor program?

You need to provide grades form your high school certificate. All grades should be converted to a 100-point scale. Here is an instruction on how to convert grades from different grading systems.

What grades should  I provide in the IRK account when applying for a Master program?

You should provide your final diploma grade converted into 5.0 – point scale.

I registered for a study program, attached the documents and paid the registration fee. Why my application hasn’t been accepted yet?

Probably you haven’t attached all of the required documents.

International Students Office will accept your application only in the case all required documents are attached in the IRK account and meet conditions for a particular program. When some of the documents are missing, you will see that your Application is rejected and there is a comment which documents you are obliged to attach in order to get acceptance. Your Application will not be evaluated until you attach the missing documents. As soon as you attach missing documents our Office will reevaluate your application.

Before you send an e-mail regarding evaluation of your Application, please read the comment in your IRK account – the explanation is there.

 How will I know whether I am accepted?

The qualification status and the decision will be published at your IRK account.

 Will I receive the acceptance letter by post?

Yes, to all accepted candidates we will send the acceptance letter and other supporting documents for the visa procedure.

 I have uploaded all the scans of the documents in the IRK, was accepted and received the decision on admission. Does this mean that I am already a student at the University of Opole?

The decision on admission issued on the base of scanned documents is CONDITIONAL. You need to submit the originals of the documents at our office until 14 of September, 2022. Otherwise, the decision will be revoked and you will not become a student at the University of Opole.

Payments and fees

How much will I pay for my studies?

The tuition fee at the University of Opole is 2500 PLN – 3400 PLN per semester / 5000 PLN – 6800 PLN per year (depending on the study program). 

 When do I need to pay a tuition fee?

Normally students pay a tuition fee once they become students – at the end of September. At that time they get registered in the USOS system and pay on their individual bank account.

However, if you will need to make a student visa, the Embassy will require the confirmation of payment of the tuition fee. In this case, you need to pay a tuition fee for 1 semester or for the whole year (please check with the Embassy at your country) to the general university bank account. The bank account number sent to the candidate on request.

 In case I will be rejected for a visa, can I get back the paid tuition fee?

Yes, in this case, you should send us the rejection letter from the Embassy and fill in the documents for the refund.

 Can I study for free at the University of Opole?

 Please check the list who can study free of charges here.

       If you have not found the answer to your question, please contact us hello@uni.opole.pl