When does the admission process start?
The admission process starts at the end of April.

How can I enroll into one of the programs?
In order to enroll into one of the programs at the University of Opole, you need to register in the online recruitment system IRK. You can find more information about the admission process here.

I have provided all the data in my IRK account, but I still cannot sign in to the program. Why?
It means that some of the required details are still missing. When you click the “Sign in” button on the page of the chosen program there will be a message specifying why you cannot sing in and what data you need to fill in (e.g. you have not chosen the appropriate subjects or some grades are missing). Please follow the detailed instruction on registration.

What documents do I need to upload to my IRK account?
You need to upload all of the required documents. If at the time of registration, you are waiting for an apostille/legalization of your documents or you are only able to provide a provisional certificate, not your original diploma  – please contact us at hello@uni.opole.pl. You need to provide us with the originals of all documents until September (the exact date is set annually – the admission schedule can be found here).

How to upload scans of documents to my IRK account?
The scans of your diploma / high school certificate, transcript of records, and language certificate should be attached in “Personal forms” >> “Education”. There you have to select the information about the document (such as its identifier, date of issue, etc.) and click the „Save and add certificate” button. It will enable you to attach a file from your computer. The aforementioned documents, as well as the rest of the documents from the list, should also be attached in the “Enclosure of the scanned documents by foreign candidates” section. All documents should be named appropriately.

From where can I download the “Enrollment application”, the “Statement on delivery of letters in electronic forms” and “Declaration of parents/legal guardians in respect of minors undertaking studies at the University of Opole”? Where should I upload them?
These forms can be downloaded from “Enrollment applications” >> “Documents and further steps”. After printing and signing the documents, you should attach them in the “Enclosure of the scanned documents by foreign candidates”.

What grades should  I provide in the IRK account when applying for a Bachelor’s program?
You need to provide grades from your high school certificate. All grades should be converted to a 100-point scale. Here is an instruction on how to convert grades from different grading systems. Please note that each program has specific subjects from which grades should be provided. Information regarding those subjects can be read on the IRK website, in the information about the program.

What grades should  I provide in the IRK account when applying for a Master’s program?
You should provide your final diploma grade converted into a 5-point scale.

If I don’t have a language certificate, is there any other option for me?
Yes, the UO organizes online oral exams for candidates. The details can be read in the language requirements section and News.

I registered for a study program, attached the documents, and paid the registration fee. Why my application hasn’t been accepted yet?
Probably you haven’t attached all of the required documents. The photographs/scans might also be of bad quality or there are doubts regarding the authenticity of the documents.

International Students Office will accept your application only in the case all required documents are attached to the IRK account and meet conditions for a particular program. When some of the documents are missing, you will see that your application is rejected and there is a comment about which documents you are obliged to attach in order to get acceptance. Your Application will not be evaluated until you attach the missing documents. As soon as you attach missing documents our Office will reevaluate your application.
Before you send an e-mail regarding the evaluation of your Application, please read the comment in your IRK account – the explanation is there.

How will I know whether I am accepted?
The qualification status and the decision will be published in your IRK account. The appropriate documents will also be sent to you via email after they are signed by the authorities.

Will I receive the acceptance letter by post?
Yes, all accepted candidates are sent the acceptance documents via post. Note that we use the address provided by you in the IRK account. Additionally, the documents can be also sent by a different delivery company, provided that the candidate pays for the service in advance and sends us a prepaid waybill to hello@uni.opole.pl.

I have uploaded all the scans of the documents in the IRK system, was accepted, and received the decision on admission. Does this mean that I am already a student at the University of Opole?
The decision on admission issued on the base of scanned documents is conditional. You need to submit the originals of the documents at our office until September (the exact date is set annually – the admission schedule can be found here). Otherwise, the decision on admission will be revoked and you will not become a student at the University of Opole.


How can I pay the registration fee?
The payment data will be available in the section “Payments” in your IRK account once you signed in for YOUR chosen program. You can pay by a traditional bank transfer to your individual IRK bank account number or via the Blue Media platform (instant bank transfer – additional cost approx. 1,50 PLN). More information can be found here.

I have paid the registration fee, how can I check whether the university has received it?
Once your payment is received, you will see it in your IRK account in the section “Enrollment applications”. The status of the registration fee will be changed to “Paid” and highlighted in green. Please note that for international traditional transfers, it may take up to 10-14 days.

I paid my registration fee a few days ago and it is still not reflected in the system. What should I do know?
If you paid through an international transfer, it might take up to 10-14 days. before the money reaches your IRK account. If it takes more than two weeks, however, then you should inquire with your bank if there are any problems with processing the transfer.

Is the application fee refundable?
Information regarding refunds can be read here.


Can the tuition fee be paid in installments?
You can pay the yearly tuition fee in two installments – one before each semester starts. The payment for the first semester is required before being admitted to UO.

Are there any scholarships or discounts for international candidates?
Candidates are not entitled to any discounts or scholarships. Only students can apply for financial aid (more information in the further part of the page).

Is the tuition fee refundable?
Information regarding refunds can be read here.


Does the Univeristy of Opole provide accommodation to their candidates & students?
Yes, the UO provides accommodation in 4 dormitories. Please note that every candidate has to apply for a place at the dormitory, should they need accommodation at UO. However, not every candidate can be assigned a room at UO, as variables such as distance from our University, yearly income and time off application are taken into consideration.

How can I apply for a place at the dormitory?
Candidates have to participate in separate registrations for study programmes and accommodation. In order to register for accommodation, a candidate needs to enter the “Application dorm” enrollment, choose the “DOMY STUDENTA” option in the “Offer” section and then click “Register”. Additional fees might be charged. The candidate needs to provide the distance from their address of residence to our University (plac Kopernika 11a, 45-040 Opole, Poland), the yearly average income in regard to number of family members and the academic year they are applying for.

Does the University provide confirmations of accommodation?
Yes, we do provide confirmations for accepted candidates who require such documents for visa purposes.

How much does the accommodation cost?
Information regarding the prices can be read here.

How long can I live in the dormitory?
Accommodation is granted for duration of a particular academic year. Students have to apply for a place at the dormitory annually.

How can I contact the administration of the dormitory?
You can contact the administration at the general email address akademiki@uni.opole.pl or the below-provided information.

  • Kmicic Dormitory – +48 77 452 7031 (email: estrzabala@uni.opole.pl)
  • Spójnik Dormitory – +48 77 452 7035 (email:dominika.kuc@uni.opole.pl)
  • Niechcic Dormitory – + 48 77 452 7020 (email: spiech@uni.opole.pl)
  • Mrowisko Dormitory – + 48 77 452 7027



Can the tuition fee be paid in installments?
Before you finish your first semester of studies, you can submit an appropriate application to your Dean’s office. If the UO authorities accept your application, you will have a possibility to pay in installments. The amounts, deadlines and the period for which the consent is granted are decided by the authorities.

Are there any discounts for international students?
International students can apply for reduction of tuition fee at their Dean’s office, however they should provide a valid reason for the application. The amounts and the period for which the consent is granted are decided by the authorities.

Where can I find applications connected to tuition fee?
The applications can be found in the “Applications” section on our website or on your Faculty’s website.

Are there any scholarships for international students?
International students can apply for the Rector’s Scholarship for the Best Students after they pass their first year of studies, provided that their annual GPA equals at least 4.0.


How do I apply for accommodation after my first year of studies?
Students should apply for accommodation via their USOS account, within the set schedule.

Can live in the dormitory during the summer break?
Yes, however you should consult the administration of the dormitories before the academic year ends.

How can I contact the administration of the dormitory?
You can contact the administration at the general email address akademiki@uni.opole.pl or the below-provided information:
♦ Kmicic Dormitory – +48 77 452 7031 (email: estrzabala@uni.opole.pl)
♦ Spójnik Dormitory – +48 77 452 7035 (email:dominika.kuc@uni.opole.pl)
♦ Niechcic Dormitory – + 48 77 452 7020 (email: spiech@uni.opole.pl)
♦ Mrowisko Dormitory – + 48 452 7027

After coming to Poland, do I need to renew my visa?
International students can apply for a visa renewal each year, however they can also apply for a Temporary Residence Permit with their studies as the legal basis.

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