Welcome to Opole

Opole is a city of uniquely student atmosphere. Student culture, student entertainment and student way of life are omnipresent. One of the curious things distinguishing Opole and University of Opole is that in the capital of the smallest region in Poland there is the highest ratio of students per one inhabitant.

The charming and quiet centre of Opole with its old buildings, narrow cobbled streets and river banks reminds us of the atmosphere of old university towns in Italy, France or Germany.

Over 36 thousand young people study in six higher education institutions. Taking into consideration the number of inhabitants (126 thousand), it means that, statistically speaking, every third person met in the streets of Opole during the academic year is a student.

What is also important Opole ranks second among the most affordable cities in Poland and is the fourth academic city.

The University campus is located in a central but quiet part of the city, close to two theatres, multiplex, swimming-pool, two fitness centres, football stadium, coffee bars, student clubs and pubs.

On campus students can go the modern Student Activity Centre and all-year-round Orlik sports fields complex with artificial lighting.

Annual students’ festival Piastonalia is a spring carnival in the streets of Opole – a few nights and days of dancing, singing, barbecuing and taking part in out-door concerts.

Opole Website: www.opole.pl