Our dormitories

University of Opole offers accommodation in its students’ halls of residence (“Niechcic” and “Kmicic” dormitories) located on the University campus, close to the city centre, in Katowicka Street, Opole. We offer places in modules, which consist of one double and one triple room, shared bathroom and kitchen at the price of approximately 380 PLN (about 100 EUR) per month. The rooms are furnished with beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes; the kitchen is equipped with a fridge and an oven. There is also an Internet connection and a cable TV connection available in each room. The hall of residence fee is being payed monthly in advance.

Rooms – Dormitories offer rooms in modules, i.e. two (double or triple) rooms with a shared bathroom. Student rooms and guest rooms are of similar standard. They are equipped with single beds, a wardrobe, a desk, chairs, a table and a fridge. Guest rooms are additionally equipped with a TV, radio and a night lamp. Rooms are locked with a key in possession of the inhabitant.

Kitchen There is a kitchen on each floor, equipped with a gas cooker, sink table and numerous cupboards

Laundrette – There is a launderette on each floor with washing machines and dryers. It is possible to book a launderette in advance and keep it locked while using it.

Bathroom – Each bathroom (one per module) contains a shower, basin and a toilet.

How to apply for Accommodation?

Although the University takes considerable effort to provide all its students with accommodation, we want to warn you that the number of places in our dormitories is limited. But you will easily find a flat for rent in the city. If you team up with your friends, the rent will be quite affordable.

If you want to apply for accommodation, you will be requested to fill in and attach the Application Form for Accomodation in the IRK system in the process of registration for studies. You may also deliver the Application Form in person to the dormitory officials or to the Eramsus office staff in case you are an Erasmus programme participant. Prior to applying for accommodation read the Regulations of the Student Dormitory.

The deadlines for submitting the completed Application Form for accommodation are as follows:
15 June – for the winter semester of the following academic year
15 December – for the spring semester of the following academic year.

Accommodation cost

Niechcic Hall of Residence

Kmicic Hall of Residence


Monthly accommodation fee for non-students is higher by app. 80 PLN per person.