A Dean’s Office is an administrative unit at our university, responsible for helping students with problems that arise during their studies.

Before visiting your Dean’s Office, make sure you remember your index number 🙂

During your studies, you might hear a phrase “Virtual Dean’s Office”. It is nothing more than the USOSweb system, where you can access and check your grades, linkages and promotions.


Some of the problems you can solve at your Dean’s Office include:

    • getting a confirmation of your student status;

    • getting a confirmation of your tuition fee payment;

    • checking your missing credits and ECTS points;

    • collecting and stamping your student ID (it should be done by your group’s representative);

    • submitting missing recruitment documents during the academic year;

    • collecting your documents after graduation;

    • applying for:

        • a tuition fee exemption;

        • individual curriculum;

        • a deferral/ Dean’s leave;

        • transfers to other courses/ universities;

        • extension of the examination session;

        • repetition of a semester/ year;

        • a refund of the tuition fee (for those with index numbers);

        • conditional promotion;

        • resignation from studies.