Only for the people who don’t like ordinary things!

‘The process of learning how to make the best coffee has started with Kofeina Art Cafe since 2009″ says the owner of Kofeina.This is the place where you can taste and feel fresh and tasty coffee which is prepaired with the most traditional methods like Sypon Coffee Method (from 200 years ago), Chemex  Coffee Method (since 1941) and Drip Coffee Method (since 1908). Moreover, they have an Italian esspresso machine.

In neither of the Kofeinas will you see any random or ordinary things like coke or this kind of stuff, so if you want to try unique tastes get in one of the Kofeinas. While you can have only alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and sadwiches in Kofeina Art Cafe, Kofeina 2.0 offers a more extended menu with some main dishes.  We suggest you to try one of their huge hamburgers – the only place where the burger is 100% beef meat.

Kofeina Art Cafe is where you can join some art exhibitions and have unusual but delicious drinks and deserts.

Also Kofeina Art Cafe invites you, the international art students, to make your own art exhibitons freely in this place.

Since 2012, the process is going on also with Kofeina 2.0 Teatr Klub which was established after winning the competition which was organised by Jan Kochanowski Theatre. In Kofeina 2.0 you can enjoy a lot of interesting concerts and DJ sets from local and even some international bands.

You can also follow the art exhibitions, concerts and all their other projects via  facebook pages of both Kofeina Art Cafe and Kofeina 2.0 Teatr Klub