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Have you graduated from the University of Opole, gone to work abroad and stayed there for good? Or are you one of the UO foreign graduates? Contact your Alma Mater, share your story and become the UO ambassador!

International Alumni Club” programme has started. We want to honour our graduates and their achievements by establishing a long-term cooperation with them. The main aim of the project is to create favorable conditions for education and career development of current UO students.

If you want to be a part of this club, send your biography to

In May 2020, during the Alumni Gala, the UO Ambassadors will be selected. Later, our Ambassadors will carry out meetings with UO students to share their experience in finding themselves on the job market.

The University will cover travel and accommodation expenses  for ten selected ambassadors.

You can send your resume until 1st of February 2020.

Foreign graduate – a former foreign UO student or a polish student, who went abroad after graduation and stays there permanently.

The project is financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange under the International Alumni programme.

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