Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?

Joni Mitchell Never lies as we all know. It might be a bit sad, but we are approaching the end of the semester and academic year. This is why we would like to thank all our visiting students coming from all over the world for being with us here. We hope you have enjoyed yourselves in Opole and, what’s most important – spent some quality academic time at the University of Opole.

We hope to have you back here someday. In the meantime, browse the photos from the Farewell Party organized for you by our intern, Elvan Azrak last Monday at Student’s Club ‚Skrzat’. Do zobaczenia!

Scroll below for the comments of some of you.

The Farewell party was just wonderful! That’s how a real party should look like! It was really unforgettable and fun! Huge thanks to our lovely party maker- Elvan and the International department team with kind and open hearts! You are all amazing!!!

Raikhan Lambert

This year is my sixth year and I really appreciate to be here, to study here for my last year in bachelor, I missed graduation ceremony at my home university and the Erasmus office  prepared for us a graduation ceremony and a party. It was important for me to wear robe and cap.

When I chose University of Opole I had no idea about it. When I came to Opole I saw that it is a small but a beautiful city, I like living in Opole, I started to call our dormitory Niechcic a ‘home’. I gained many experiences, brotherhood, close friends, met awesome teachers.

My Erasmus+ mobility was meant just for one semester but I prolonged it for the second semester and it was the best thing I could have done. I am not disappointed, I am so happy to be here and I will be happy to come back here. I will never forget,  I learned some Polish words of course “Dziękuję Opole”, ” Dziękuję Erasmus+”.

I want to say Thank You to Erasmus office, Mr. Michał Wanke, Mrs. Marzanna Pogorzelska, Mr. Krzysztof Załucki, Mr. Robert Geisler and Mrs. Aleksandra Paluch and also to our Erasmus buddy mentors.

I am graduating, I am finishing my bachelor. I am happy for this but life is coming 🙂

Ozan Baskan

The party was really great! Well organized and nice! I appreciated Elvan’s efforts a lot. I was very excited. Thank you very much for invitation to the party!

Asselya Ryskalieva

The party was amazing. I spent unforgettable time. Thank you all!

Gullayla Kydyrbaeva

lt was a nice party. Many of us are leaving soon so it was the farewell party. The music and atmosphere was great. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.

Sami Ullah

It was a complete party: food, dance, drink, music…

Also graduation! Satır içi resim 1

And it was great to have presents at the exit. It was a nice surprise.

We should have this kind of parties everywhere I think.

Juan Perez

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