University Campus

Student Culture Centre

Mrowisko Dormitory

Niechcic Dormitory

Orlik Sport Courts

Kmicic Dormitory

Student medical clinic

Spójnik Dormitory

The University of Opole Campus is often called the academic town since here is where most of student life takes place. On the campus you may find dormitories, a few educational facilities and a modern Student Cultural Centre, which hosts a lot of exciting cultural events. That’s also where the Student’s Union has its headquarters as well as the student radio station Radio Sygnały (Signals Radio). In the very middle of the campus lies a year-round football, volleyball and basketball court alongside pleasant greenery which makes for an excellent leisure spot in the summer. A student medical clinic is also located on the campus territory. On the ground floor of the “Mrowisko” dormitory you may find a “Szkrzat” Student Club where maybe courses, workshops and parties are organized.

The academic town is located in the center of Opole, near the Old Town, which is where many bars, restaurants and atmospheric coffee shops can be found. The campus is situated within a walking distance to the shopping center, cinemas and theatres. Nearby there’s also a gym, a bowling alley, a swimming pool and a sports stadium.