Legal advice

Each participant of the project, who has special legal issues for discussion, can ask for an appointment with experienced lawyer.

Consultant from Information Office of the project can help with organization of this meeting, but he do not allowed to take part in the process of this meeting. All information about this visit is confidential and will remains between lawyer/solicitor and participant.

To take advantage of such opportunities we ask all interested beneficiaries to contact us: contact us at 77 452 70 54 or e-mail:

We would like also to inform you that legal services for the beneficiaries of the project will be provided by advocate Pavel Szewczyk, who specializes in litigation and extrajudicial criminal and family law, and insurance. He is a researcher and a university lecturer, who has a graduation of the three faculties and the European Academy of Diplomacy. He was also a participant of international student exchange programs organized by the Moscow State University and the State University of St. Petersburg. As a graduate student he took an internship at the State A.S. Pushkin  University of Brest. He also speaks Russian.