ikonka FAQ


Where and how can I register?

In the left hand menu there is Registration Calendar. When the units are shown you should choose University of Opole, and then courses offered in the registration. A detailed registration instruction is presented in the Student Online Registration.

Where can I find the information about university-wide courses?

The general information about university-wide courses is right here.  Here you can find out on what courses you can enrol. Detailed information about courses is given on websites of the units offering a given course or in the course catalogue of the USOSweb system.

I haven’t enrolled on any university-wide course, what can do now?

In the case of having not enrolled on any of the university-wide courses in the first or second round of the online registration the student must find a free place on a course by themselves. Such a person can ask their faculty/institute coordinator to point out some UO units which could still have free places. University-wide courses are scheduled to be held on Mondays in the last two blocks, i.e. at 16.30 and 18.00 (+/- 15 min for some courses). The student can approach the lecturer conducting a course and ask to be put on the list and if the lecturer agrees they will put the student’s name on the list and make the coordinator enter the name in the USOS.  The same goes for students studying two programmes simultaneously and must do two university-wide courses in one semester.  The system allows only for enrolling on one course. Faculty coordinators can only enter or cross out names on the courses conducted within their units.

I have enrolled on a course but there is sign of it on my account on USOSweb.

It can happen if the student enrolled on a course which had not been chosen by a minimum number of students. The coordinator crosses out all the names from the course list because the course will not be conducted in the given semester. If it happens after the first round of the registration the student can choose another course in the second round. Students who registered on a course with a small number of participants are advised to monitor the status of the course.  When the second registration round finishes and the course is not opened the coordinator will transfer the students to another course with free places.

I’d like to change the course during the semester.

Students wanting to change their course in progress should obtain their lecturer’s agreement and the acceptance from the coordinator of the course they want to move to. The change must be entered into USOSweb by both parties.

I have registered for the course but I don’t know where and when the first class is to take place.

The information about the course timetable and venue should be given in USOSweb together with all the information about the course, or on a website of the unit conducting the course.


How can I contact the co-ordinator of a given unit?

You can just send an email:

Faculty of Natural Science and Technology:

Chair of Land Surface Protection – Katarzyna Kochanowska, MA >>> kkochanowska@uni.opole.pl
Chair of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology – Dr Sławomir Wierzba >>> slawi@uni.opole.pl
Chair of Biosystematics – Katarzyna Piskorska-Malarska, MA >>>  kpiskorska@uni.opole.pl
Chair of Process Engineering – Dr Daniel Janecki >>> zecjan@uni.opole.pl
Chair of Technology – Dr Janusz Nowak >>> jnowak@uni.opole.pl

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science:
Institute of Physics – Agnieszka Wendykier, MA >>> instfiz@uni.opole.pl
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science – mgr inż. Władysław Makuchowski >>> mak@math.uni.opole.pl

Faculty of Theology:
ks. Dr Wacław Borek >>> wb@uni.opole.pl

Faculty of Chemistry:
Dr inż. Józef Hurek >>> jozef.hurek@uni.opole.pl

Faculty of Law and Administration: Joanna Andrzejuk, MA >>> jandrzejuk@uni.opole.pl

Faculty of Economics: mgr inż. Sebastian Marcinkowski  >>> sebmar@uni.opole.pl
Dr inż. Adam Siwerski  >>> dz-ekon@uni.opole.pl

Faculty of Philology
Prof. Marek Dybizbański >>> marek.dybizbanski@uni.opole.pl

 Faculty of History and Pedagogy:

Institute of Philosophy – Prof. Grzegorz Francuz >>> grzegorz.francuz@uni.opole.pl

Institute of Art – Krzysztof Kowalski, MA  >>> kkowalski@uni.opole.pl

Institute of Sociology – Dr Magdalena Piejko  >>> magdalena.piejko@uni.opole.pl

Institute of Psychology – mgr inż. Janusz Kowal  >>> jkowal@uni.opole.pl

Institute of Pedagogical Sciences – Bartosz Mazurkiewicz, MA  >>> bmazurkiewicz@uni.opole.pl

Institute of Political Science – Tomasz Paradowski, MA  >>> paradowski@uni.opole.pl

Institute of Educational Studies – Adam Konopnicki, MA >>> akonopnicki@uni.opole.pl

Institute of  History:  Aleksandra Chochel, MA  >>> insthist@uni.opole.pl

Physical Education and Sports Centre: Mariusz Pająk, MA  >>> mpajak@uni.opole.pl

Foreign Language Centre: Jerzy Szczerba, MA  >>> jszczerba@uni.opole.pl