Will begin on April 1, 2019

Admission Requirements

Secondary school diploma (or the matura exam) constitutes the basic admission criterion. We require English language skills at B2 level, confirmed by a certificate. Click here to find the list of the certificates.

English language preparatory course

About the Programme

In today’s world, command of foreign languages is one of the most important skills. As time went by, after years of domination of German and Latin in science, English became the language of almost all international articles, papers, and journals.

Studying Academic English at our University will help you become a proficient English language user with skills necessary to conduct research, and enable you to take full advantage of academic life. In this programme students participate in classes comprising academic writing, academic text-based speaking, listening, grammar, and academic vocabulary-oriented courses.

The Structure of the Programme

This programme will cover all your educational needs and help you develop your Academic English skills, necessary in the world of Academia. Here you will learn how to access your full potential and help you become an effective English language user. Graduates of this programme can work in places where a proficiency in the English language is required, e.g. universities, language schools, translation bureaus.

After graduation you can join one of the MA programmes, prepared by our University. We also prepared a PhD Programme in English Language and Literature, for those of you who decide to be a part of the academic life or stay and hone their English skills further.

The full programme of the study can be found here.

Advantages of the Programme

Unique Programme

Our programme will help you with the development of the key English language skills necessary in the world of Academia and help you become a proficient English language user.


Personal approach

Both Opole and the University are extremely hospitable places. The city itself is small, but due to that it is a peaceful place for all its citizens. We teach in a small groups which allows our teachers to focus on each of our students individually.


Action / Engagement

At the University of Opole you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in the multicultural community, where you can meet many extraordinary people who will help you see the world in a new perspective.


Professional training

All classes are conducted by experts from the Institute of English, who will happily share their extensive knowledge and experience with their students. Here at the University of Opole our relationships with students are very important to us.

Additional Information