6th FORTHEM Campus in Opole

Summer 2024



The FORTHEM campus is organized by the University of Opole in Poland in the summer semester of the 2023/24 academic year.

The theme of the exchange semester is Experiencing Europe, which will be implemented within the disciplines of political science, economics, languages and social sciences.

FORTHEM Campus offers courses in three modules in different areas of knowledge as part of the student exchange program, all of which are eligible for recognition.

Courses for FORTHEM Campus students

Courses are offered in three different modules:

  • transversal module, where you can take courses that deal specifically with the topic of Experiencing Europe, which is the theme of the FORTHEM Campus at the University of Opole;
  • disciplinary module, where you can take courses from your own field of study (Political sciences and civics, Social sciences, Economics, Languages and cultural studies);
  • open module, where you can take elective courses, such as language and sport courses, research projects in various disciplines, etc.

During the FORTHEM Campus, you choose about 30 ECTS credits (about 10 ECTS /5-15/ from each module).

When does the FORTHEM Campus at UO take place?

We would like to welcome exchange students at our university starting

February 28th, 2024, in accordance with the organization of the academic year established at the University of Opole.

During the first week of mobility, various integration activities will be organized😊.

Courses and exams end by July 14th, 2024.

For more information, please check the academic calendar 2023/2024.

Who can apply for the FORTHEM Campus at UO?

  • You can apply to the FORTHEM Campus organised by the University of Opole (UO) if your home university is a member of the FORTHEM Alliance, and
  • Your main areas of interest are: Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Economics, Languages and
  • You are a Bachelor’s or Master’s level student.

How to apply?

Please, contact the FORTHEM office at your home university.

First you should apply to be nominated for the given FORTHEM Campus semester. After your home university has nominated you, you will receive a newsletter with instructions on how to enroll in the IRK system.

Please apply by December 1st, 2023

What is FORTHEM Campus?

FORTHEM Campus is a structured semester mobility activity targeted at students of universities that are part of the FORTHEM consortium.

Its purpose is to offer an interesting, comprehensive and mostly planned mobility within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme at the University of Opole.

Member Universities of the consortium organise their respective FORTHEM Campus on a rotational basis. The theme of the activity at each hosting university corresponds with the coordinated FORTHEM Lab.