Dear Candidates,

the below-attached link can be used to register for oral interviews for study programmes conducted in English. The interviews are planned to be carried out on 5.07.2022 and 6.07.2022. Those candidates who cannot provide a language proficiency certificate are advised to participate in one of the oral exams.

The registration will be possible from 20.06.2022 (8:00 am) to 24.06.2022 (10:00 am).

Make sure to fill in the required sections carefully.

Please be informed that participation in the oral exam will be possible only if a candidate successfully registered for a study programme (the application fee has to be credited to the candidate’s account until 24.06.2022).

The exams will be conducted online, via the MS Teams application.

Candidates will be sent further details via e-mail.

Below, you can find instructions on how to join the oral exam.

Note that the exams on 5.07 and 6.06 will be the last interviews planned for the first phase of the 2022/2023 recruitment. Candidates from non-EU countries will have the possibility to register in the IRK system only until 1.08.2022. After 1.08.2022, the applications will be considered only for those candidates who do not require a visa to enter Poland for studies.