Project Based Learning (PBL) as a method of gaining knowledge, skills and attitudes is not limited to teachers’ practice but can be useful in a broad personal and professional context. The course offers a short introduction to the theory of constructivism as the starting point for practical application of PBL methods as a tool of effective and creative development in different professional environments. During the course the students, focusing on the chosen problem, will have a chance to take part in an original project realization with all relevant steps, involving such key competences as: research skills, problem solving, leadership, critical thinking and team work

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  • ECTS: 2/6
  • Component Code: for ECTS: 2  KZ-02-02-000044 for ECTS: 6  KZ-02-02-000036
  • lecturer: Marzanna Pogorzelska, PhD
  • Institute: Pedagogical Sciences
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