The aim of the course is to discuss the philosophical dimension of multiculturalism, both as an idea and as a socio-political phenomenon that takes place nowadays in some countries (The US, Canada, Germany) and in some cultural traditions (liberalism). An important part of the course is the reflection on problems that are connected with multiculturalism, for example: cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, the role of religions, Americanization, and many others. The course is proposed by Dr habil. Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński from the Institute of Philosophy, whose texts – Axiological Universalism and Cultural Relativism, Santayana and the Problem of Americanization, and Richard Rorty’s Liberal Democracy and the Limits of Cultural Imperialism – may be some of the source texts.

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  • ECTS: 6
  • Component Code: KZ-02-27-00033
  • lecturer: Professor Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński
  • Institute: Philosophy
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