This course serves as an introduction to law and legal thinking for non- lawyers and as a specialised course in legal reasoning for law students. Students will analyse key legal concepts using literary texts (mainly sci-fi and fantasy novels) as a basis for legal analysis. Following topics will be analysed: 1. Introduction to Law and Literature 2. Good Government, Human Rights and Harry Potter 3. Terry Pratchett’s Ironic Synthesis of Political Systems 4. Birth of a Nation – Lloyd C. Biggle Jr and his Monument 5. Criminal Law and Superheroes 6. Law of Contract: Hobbit 7. Tort Law 8. Law of Property and Law of Succession in Lord of The Rings 9. Science Fiction and the International Law 10. Intellectual Property Rights in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels 11. Mock Trial (Boss level)

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  • ECTS: 2
  • Component Code: 9.6-A-II-LL
  • lecturer: Professor Piotr Stec
  • Faculty: Law and Administration
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