This course is designed for non-law majors who want to get a good grasp of intellectual property law as it relates to particular trades and professions. The course can also be of interest to law majors who will learn to adopt business, art and technology perspective in IP related classes. Usually the following topics will be analysed: 1. Introduction to IP 2. Copyright and Neigboring Rights 3. Patent Law 4. Trademarks, designs and utility models 5. Transacting in IP 6. Business aplications of IP 7. IP and Creative Industries 8. IP and Computer Technology 9. IP in Hard Sciences 10. University – industry cooperation 11. Competition Law and IP 12. Intellectual Property Litigation 13. International Perspectives on IT 14. Final Project The course is international and comparative in nature and students are expected to use material from various legal and non-legal sources.

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  • ECTS: 6
  • Component Code: 0109-IPB
  • lecturer: Professor Piotr Stec
  • Faculty: Law and Administration
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