The course provides an overview of the perception of feminism and gender issues in Eastern Europe in the period between 1945 and 1989. The course is specially structured to meet five specific learning outcomes: a) to critically analyse socio-historical context associated with the development of gender issues in the post-war Eastern Europe, b) to demonstrate knowledge of key concepts related to democratic transition in post- communist states and assess this transition in terms of feminist questions, c) to articulate a clear understanding of the multi-contextual relations between nation, nationalism and gender, d) to critically assess the perception of the role of women and citizenship across cultures and political systems, e) to develop comparative skills allowing to refer the discussed issues to various historical and political backgrounds.

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  • ECTS: 2/6
  • Component Code: for ECTS: 2 KZ-02-02-000046 for ECTS: 6 KZ-02-02-000038
  • lecturer: Marzanna Pogorzelska, PhD
  • Institute: Pedagogical Sciences
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