The integration of humanities and social sciences with artistic actions is the main objective of the course. It covers the following topics: public space as an area of art projects; socially engaged art as both artistic and research method; participatory artistic projects. This course consists of two parts which are based in the Institute of Art and Institute of Sociology combining artistic craftsmanship and theoretical input of sociology. The first part is credited with 2 ECTS points and the second one with 6 ECTS, which gives the total of 8 ECTS credit points. Note that it you need to participate in both parts of the course. No artistic skills are required to take the course.

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  • ECTS: 8
  • Component Code: EN-02-08-APIPS
  • lecturer: Professor Magdalena Hlawacz / Michał Wanke, MA
  • Institute of Art, Institute of Sociology
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