Alexa Villegas Estrada​ – third-year student at International Business program


Dear Students,

We are happy to share with you one more story of our amazing international student.

Meet Alexa from Mexico, a third-year student at the International Business program.

Why did you choose Poland as your place to study?

Alexa: I aimed to study in Europe. Once, I went with my sister to an education fair, there we found the information desk “Ready, Study, Go Poland”. I never thought about studying in Poland before. As my sister is older than me she came to Poland first and she went to study in Warsaw. After she returned to Mexico, she said:” Poland is a good place, secure, cheap! You should try”.

I went to the website “Ready, Study, Go Poland and found the University of Opole, and applied! That is how I came to Opole.

What was your first impression of Opole when You arrived?

Alexa: I live 40 minutes from Mexico City. Of course, it is a really big city, that is why when I came to Opole I thought “wow it’s so small and there are not so many people”. Also, I was surprised that it is very clean here!

At first, I didn’t know about closed supermarkets on Sundays! It was shocking for me because in Mexico Sunday is the shopping day! The day when we buy food for the whole week.

Was it difficult to adjust to life in a new country? How long this process took?

Alexa: It was a little bit hard for me because I am close to my family. In Mexico, I used to do everything in the company of other people. When I came to Opole I was alone. It was something new and difficult for me. I had to learn to do everything by myself. It took me more than 2 months to get used to it.

Now you are in the third year of the International Business program. The whole winter semester you spent in Mexico, right?

Alexa: Yes, I spent it here in Mexico. I wanted to stay with my family during this exceptional pandemic time. Also, I have an option of online classes which was convenient for me.

What in general do you think about online classes? Is it a big challenge for you to study online?

Alexa: It’s not a challenge for me. When I was in High School we had mandatory online subjects so I knew how this works. But I do prefer regular classes, when you are online is more difficult to pay attention and make contact with people.

What do you miss the most about Poland, Opole?

Alexa: To be able to go outside and walk! In Mexico, we use cars to go everywhere, mostly because of security and distance. That’s why I miss walking and being free to go everywhere.

I also miss my friends! We often go out together and I didn’t have to ask my parents for permission 😉

Did you work in Opole during your studies?

Alexa: I was working in a kindergarten as a Spanish teacher. I was not used to working with kids, it is completely different than work with adults. While working with kids you need to catch their attention, they get bored so easily! It is important to prepare several activities for each class. It was really hard for me – a huge challenge. I enjoy working with kids, but prefer working with adults 😉

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