Registration for foreign language courses

Dear Students,
We would like to remind you about registration for foreign language courses:

  • Registration for students of II and III year is open until tomorrow – 12.01.21.
  • Registration for students of I year begins on 13.01.21.

How to register:

  • Log in to your usosweb account:,
  • Enter category Student’s Secion at the top of the website
  • Enter Token Registrations at the left side of the website
  • Go to the Rejestracja na lektoraty w semestrze 2020/21 L (Registration for foreign language courses 2020/21 L)
  • From the list of courses, select the one to which you want to register and click the icon of trolley on the right side.

Please, pay attention to the group description to which you want to register:

  • “Przepis lektoratu” (“Foreign language course transfer”) – these groups will not have classes and are only for students who are entitled to the transfer of foreign language course
  • “Dla studentów z certyfikatem” (For students with certificate) – can be chosen only by students who have a language certificate at B2 level which entiltes them to have a transfer of grade from an exam. Such students are also obliged to register for any foreign lanuage course at any level, to attend 120 hours of a course and get a mark (without an exam).

Do not miss the opportunity to register!

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