"Project Gambia" - join charity program!

Dear Students!

we encourage you to take part in the charity program “Project Gambia” which is run by the students of the University of Opole and the University of Technology in Opole.

Gambia is a small impoverished country in Western Africa. You can support its local community by doing simple actions:

  •  Buy Chinese cookies
  • Take language classes
  • Donate used clothes

The collected funds will allow buying necessary life-saving equipment for the people of Gambia such as first aid kit for medical rescuers, a phantom for cardiopulmonary resuscitation with defibrillator AED, child resuscitation model, a  meters long rope for water rescuers and an alarmed cabinet with defibrillator AED.

Feel free to contact project coordinators to get more information and to become a part of this great initiative!

Link to fundraising: https://zrzutka.pl/stgjzh.



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