Coronavirus - FAQ (Updated on March 17)

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Dear Students!

As you have plenty of doubts in relation to the emergency situation concerning the coronavirus threat and the changes in the functioning of the university, we will try to dispel all of them. 

You can ask questions on Facebook and the answers to the most frequently asked ones will appear here. We also encourage you to contact (in individual cases) Dean’s offices or relevant UO units.

Do offices (Dean’s offices, etc.) work normally?
The offices work from a distance. You are welcome to contact us by e-mail and telephone. 

Will the main library and faculty libraries work?

The library of the University of Opole announces that in connection with preventive measures related to the threat of SARS-Co V-2 all libraries at the University of Opole will be closed. 

On 12 and 13 March all the libraries of the University of Opole, from 8.00 to 15.00, lend books with no limits (it applies also to the books usually lent for a short time).

All libraries of the UO will be closed for users from 14 March to 25 March.

Due dates of borrowed library materials falling in the period from March 9 to March 28 will be postponed to 31 March 2020.

In the case of books already overdue and library accounts, please call or e-mail:

reading room: +48 77 401 6137                    

lending service:  +48 77 401 6143


In view of the circumstances, the UO Library recommends its users to use electronic resources:

electronic books – about 270 000 titles of Polish and foreign textbooks and monographs –

electronic journals – 10 450 scholarly journals –

databases – 56 specialist bases with electronic journal –

In all cases concerning electronic collections, as well as in the event of problems with reaching the literature concerning the implementation of the programme of study, please contact the Scientific Information and Knowledge Base Unit of the UO, tel. +48 774016145, e-mail:

Is there a risk of the hall of residence being completely closed (quarantine)? 

At the moment there are no such concerns. We do not envisage closing the halls of residence; we do not envisage a decision to forcibly vacate them. There is also no need to come for the things left in the student halls of residence.  

Should students stay in their halls of residence or go home?

If possible, we recommend that you stay in the rooms of the halls of residence and avoid any places with high numbers of people or high population density.  

Will there be any additional precautions in the halls of residence?  

The possibility of visits is suspended and we recommend that you do not use common areas and increase your personal hygiene.  

What about the studios at the Faculty of Art? Will they be open? It is especially important for students who work on their diploma projects, and their artistic work, e.g. in sculpture is not possible without the necessary equipment that was in the studios, especially since many of us keep their materials for the artistic part of the diploma project there.

Students preparing their diploma projects after receiving permission from their supervisors and the Dean of the Faculty (via e-mail) can use the rooms. Special care and high standards of personal hygiene are highly recommended. 

You will find all the detailed information concerning the mode of operation of the Faculty of Art here (in Polish): Decisions – Faculty of Art and here: Information for students – Faculty of Art and on the website of the Faculty of Art.

What should I do if I got my IOS approval, but I did not manage to get the approval and signatures from all the tutors, and the deadline for submitting them is March 21?

We recommend that you contact your tutors electronically. E-mail addresses at the domain have individual authorisation, so the received consent sent from the university mail will be treated as an official confirmation. 

Will the classes be made up?

The UO will adapt the solutions to the guidelines of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.  

Will the UO inform in advance about the resumption of classes, or will it take place overnight?  

The Ministry suspended the classes until 25 March 2020.  Please follow the announcements on the main website and on the UO’s Facebook. 

Will there be any elements of e-learning implemented?

If possible, some classes will be conducted from a distance. Currently, deans and coordinators of study programmes are diagnosing to what extent on-line teaching can be incorporated.  

Does the suspension of classes mean an automatic postponement of a diploma thesis defence?

Diploma thesis defences will take place as planned.

Will consultations with the teaching staff take place as planned?  

All consultations should take place as planned, and teachers should be available in their offices as planned.  

Will classes off the study programme (aerobics, gym, and dance classes in the Student Activity Centre take place?  

All classes (also off the programme of study) are suspended at least until 25 March.  

Will penalties be charged for the late return of books to the library?  

Once you contact us by phone it is possible to extend the deadline for returning books without incurring a penalty.  

What about stickers for student ID cards?  How can you obtain them?

The Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland announced that it had applied for an automatic extension of the validity of ID cards until 31 May 2020. It has been accepted.   A regulation on this matter should be issued soon.  

Will Dean’s offices be open at weekends for part-time students?

Dean’s offices will not be open at weekends.  

Does the suspension of classes also mean the suspension of secondary school exam courses?

Yes, all forms of classes at the UO are suspended.

What about tuition fees, will they be charged as usual?

The tuition fees apply to the entire course of study, so at the moment they will be charged as usual. Everything depends on the development of the situation.  

Will the student health centre be open?

Please contact the student health centre directly on an ongoing basis at: +48 77 402 03 00.  

Can we leave the hall of residence? Do we have to notify someone about leaving?  

The halls of residence for residents function normally. There is no need to report going out or leaving the halls of residence.  

Is there a risk of halls of residence being completely closed (quarantine)?  

At the moment there are no such concerns. 

Is there a known approximate suspension period? A week, a month?

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has suspended classes until March 25th, if this date is extended, we will inform you.  

Does the university administration work normally (until when)?

The whole university administration works normally. 

Will the accommodation fees during the suspension period be cancelled?  

The halls of residence are available to students at all time, so they can live in them, keep their belongings, etc. The fees will be charged on a normal basis.  


Any questions can be asked on the FB. The answers to the most frequently asked questions will appear here. We also encourage you to contact (in individual cases) the Dean’s offices or relevant UO units.


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