Students from Japan in workshops on gendered history of wars

The University of Opole hosted a group of Japanese students from our partner, the Kobe College. They have stayed in Opole from Friday to Monday, August 10 – 13 under the supervision of professor Yolanda Tsuda and were hosted by dr. Błażej Choroś of the Institute of Political Science. They visited Opole to participate in a workshop run by dr. Anna Czerner, a sociologist, who prepared an interactive class at the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War entitled ‘Is war a man’s thing? How the museum artifacts tell the war stories about women’.

Accompanied by the summer trainees of the Office for International Study Programmes, the students visited the voivodeship office, Moszna castle and the Open-Air Museum of Rural Architecture.

On Sunday, the group visited the University of Opole, had a meeting with dr. Stankomir Nicieja, dr. Michał Wanke and dr. Barbara Curyło at the museum, and had an opportunity to talk about the university and the future plans.

It was the third workshop and the third consecutive group of the Japanese invited by dr. Choroś, who organizes workshops on different social issues for our Asian colleagues every summer. Professor Yolanda Tsuda of the School of Letters is a professor of global studies and specializes in the issues of migrations and gender relations. The Kobe College, established in 1875, is a female only institution and has recently started another project together with the University of Opole in the framework of Erasmus+. We expect a visiting professor from Kobe College in Opole later this academic year.