The aim of the course “Economy & Society” is to analyze relationship between economy and society. There is assumption that economic activity is embedded in society, which means in historical context, cultural conditions, social structures. Economy is made by people with their knowledge, emotions, social ties and relationships, kinship and family relations, place of birth and their level of education. On the other hand economy results specific structures in society as labour division, social inequalities, entrepreneurial attitudes, leadership mode, cultural organization. During the course the following topics will be discuss:

  1. Economy & sociology – classics
  2. The origin and development of capitalism
  3. Production in pre-, modern and postmodern society
  4. Exchange – market as institution
  5. Consumption society
  6. E-economy and information society
  7. Labour division
  8. State and economy /welfare state, workfare state, liberal state/
  9. Money and their role in society
  10. Economic crises and results in society
  11. Social economy
  12. Family entrepreneurship
  13. Transnational Corporations as social structures
  14. Neoliberalism as ideology
  15. Economic as social action
  • evaluation: Requirements:
    • 1) Attendance and participation are required.
    • 2) Student should read papers and be prepared for seminars. Seminars will be based on lecture and framing discussions questions. The aim is to encourage students to come to understanding of reading together.
    • 3) Students should made short research project concerning relationship between economy and society under supervision of lecturer. Research should regards one of the topic concerning relationship between economy and society created individual by student. Research will be made used qualitative methods in social sciences, i.e. economic anthropology.
    • 4) Results of the research will be written in final paper /approximately 10 pages/ and presented during last seminar (power point presentation)


  • ECTS: 6
  • lecturer: professor Robert Geisler
  • department: Institute of Sociology
  • schedule: to be scheduled
  • place: to be scheduled
  • available slots: 12