This is the list of all courses in social sciences & humanities (excluding philologies) available to join in summer semester of academic year 2014/15 at Opole University. The registration form will be available starting Friday, Feb 20, 4.00 pm. (You can see the link at the top, right.) Please mind the limits in number of students in each of the group. Some of the courses are part of the departmental offer and there are already Opole Uni students enrolled there and hence only a limited number of places is available. Some of the classes (i.e. with the students limit around 12-15) and the courses will open only if the class is complete. We advise students who want to improve their English skills to enroll to Practical English classes. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Students browse the offer and decide which courses to join.
  2. The registration starts on Friday, Feb 20, 4.00 pm.
  3. The students fill in the registration course.
  4. The courses with exceeded limit are taken out of the offer instantly and students can no longer register to them.
  5. The registration closes on Thursday, Feb 26, 1.00 pm.
  6. The students are notified about their choices – which are final and the list of their courses is sent to their coordinator for the further paperwork to be completed.
  7. The academic teachers receive the students lists so it is impossible to switch the courses later.
  8. If any changes will be required they should be consulted with all three parties involves: the organizers of the registration, the academic teachers and the departmental coordinators.
  9. The courses start in March.

Should you have any questions, please email the coordinator of the registration, Michał Wanke ( This is the first time we are organizing it this way and we kindly ask for your patience.