Dear students,

Soon in Poland we will be observing Easter. Apart from being a Christian celebration, the family festivity is a tradition in Poland and a large part of it has little to do with religion. Along with Christmas, it’s one of the two most important holidays in Poland, and for this reason the University authorities have decided to grant their students a full week free from classes – as these days Poles typically visit their home towns and spend time with their families. The break begins on 13 April and lasts until 19 April, which means a full week of vacation  Although in the Christian Church the celebrations do last for a week, in Poland there are actually only two days of public holidays: Sunday and Monday. On these days most shops and institutions are going to be closed.

If you were thinking of taking a longer trip, this might be one of the best opportunities to do that and not having to skip your classes. Regardless of how you decide to spend your week off, we believe you are going to have a great time.