Sreyphea from Cambodia

my Erasmus adventure in Opole
by Emilia Galas,

International Business BA student

Hello everyone! Our next guest’s name is Sreyphea who decided to come all the way from Cambodia to Poland! 

Hi Sreyphea! Can I ask you to introduce yourself to our audience, please? 

Hi everyone! My name is Sreyphea. I am 23 years old and I come from Cambodia. I study Economics. In my free time I like reading books and listening to music. 

Could you tell me the reason why you decided to choose Poland as your studies destination?

One of the reasons why I chose Poland as my study destination is because Poland is one of the most popular countries in the Economics sector which is related to my major in Cambodia. I believe I can learn a lot at the University of Opole and that I will be able to see more international students. I remember the first day when I arrived to Opole the thing that surprised me the most was the weather. It was extremely cold for me. I couldn’t adapt to this weather. I remember I got sick in the beginning. However, I did enjoy it because of the view and environment.

What do you like the most about this place?

It is much warmer in my country, so what I like the most about Poland is the weather. I always wanted to see…. 


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