Change in the acceptance procedure of the document Learning Agreemnet

Dear Students,

In connection with the change in the organizational structure of the University of Opole and the change in the circulation of documents of students going abroad to implement part of their study or traineeship program, we would like to inform you that from the 2019/2020 academic year there has been a change regarding the acceptance of docments Learning Agreement before the mobility and Learning Agreement during the mobility. From now on, the persons with whom you should consult your LA’s are the Program Coordinators (and not  Erasmus + Coordinators as it previously was). From now on, the Program Coordinators are the ones who will sign and accept your Study/Traineeship Program and with them you should consult the shape of your programs as well as any changes that will occure in the program you will realize abroad.

Students who are currently on a mobility and who are in the process of preparing Learning Agreement During the mobility are asked to consult changes in accordance with the new arrangements, i.e. with Program Coordinators. If you have already sent your Learning Agreement During the mobility documents to the Erasmus Coordinator and have already obtained their approval, there is no need to send the document to the Program Coordinator again. However, if you are in the process of completing Learning Agreement documents, they should be consulted with the Program Coordinators.

All aspects related to recruitment for mobilities within the Erasmus + Program will continue to be implemented by the Erasmus + Coordinators (to which application forms  should be submitted).

If you have additional questions related to the new structure of document circulation, please contact our office:

Erasmus+ Team