Daria in Iran

at the University of Mazandaran
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Recently, Daria from the University of Opole fulfilled her one-month internship at the University of Mazandaran in Iran – a country with a rich history that played a key role in saving Polish lives during World War II, when approximately 41,000 civilians, mostly children, were evacuated by Iran. This country is a second home for many Poles.

‘I miss Iran and would like to go back there as soon as the situation normalizes. I have so much more to see and experience. I really came to terms with the feeling of being outside Europe, beyond what I was familiar with, and soon realized how much I wanted to feel what it was like to live this way despite the circumstances. I still want to go back and see the traditional way of life in Iranian villages, green pastures, and a sense of belonging to a completely different culture, which is the purest form of beauty in this world. Unfortunately, I couldn’t travel much because of the protests in the country. Nevertheless, I am grateful for all my experiences during this short stay in Iran’

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