International Cooking Day at Politechnika Opolska

This year’s edition, after a two-year break caused by the pandemic, was organized for the first time in cooperation with the Politechnika Opolska on Friday, the 25th of November. The event was pleasing both to the stomach, as well as the eye because of the variety of dishes. Among the dishes and desserts, there were obviously Polish pierogi. This dish is very popular among most foreigners and therefore it sold out in the blink of an eye. You could also try Italian fritatta, Ayran, Polish szarlotka, Portuguese bacalhau assado or Turkish tanuni.

One of the participants of the event – Gabriel from Almeria, prepared patatas a lo pobre (fried potatoes with baked eggplants in honey), Aleksandra Domerecka from the Department of International Cooperation at the Opole University of Technology was delighted with the Ukrainian “red borscht” and pancakes called “mlyncki”. The International Relations Department also prepared an apple pie, and for dessert, you could taste a gibanica cheesecake straight from Slovenia.

According to Aleksandra Domerecka and the rest of the participants, the International cooking day was a great integrating initiative because cuisine plays a vital part in every culture and there is no better way to get to know it than through your own taste buds.

It was a great opportunity for the Erasmus+ students, both from the Politechnika Opolska, as well as the University of Opole, to meet and create something together. 

See you in a year!


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