My Erasmus Adventures

Dominik in Santander
by Emilia Galas,

International Business BA student

Our today’s guest is Dominik who went on Erasmus to Santander in
Spain! Let’s listen to his stories 🙂

Hey! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your hobbies! 🙂

Hello everyone! I’m Dominik and I study Finance and Accounting at the University of Opole. My
friends say I’m a quiet and introverted person but inside I’m full of positive emotions, plans,
dreams, and new ideas for self-development but I can be also crazy, in a smoother meaning.
My hobbies? First of all, I’m addicted to running, even though I’m not a professional runner I just
love it because it makes me feel not only healthy but also happy! Secondly, I’ve become a travel
lover, but you’ll read about it probably somewhere below.
My biggest dream is to work internationally; have one temporary job and just use my life as much
as I can.
The best words that can describe me are:
“If you believe in something,
Don’t give up on it”
~Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament

Could you tell us what place you decided to choose as your Erasmus destination? What
was your first feeling when you arrived there?

The place I chose was Santander- a cosy place…

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