My Erasmus Adventures

Danik from Moldova
by Emilia Galas,

International Business BA student


Today our guest is Danik from Moldova who went on Erasmus to Croatia!
Let’s read about his experience!

Hey! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your hobbies! 🙂

My name is Danik, I am 20 years old and I am from Moldova. I’m currently finishing my Bachelor
degree at the University of Opole, Faculty of Economics. I am a quite positive guy and I always
look for new opportunities in my life, I really like travelling. Speaking about hobbies, it’s: playing
soccer, table tennis and FIFA in my free time.

Could you tell us what place you decided to choose as your Erasmus destination? What was your first feeling
when you arrived there?

It was my third Erasmus exchange, because before I went to Covilha in Portugal and Hamburg in Germany
and now I decided to choose Rijeka in Croatia. The city is located on the coast and is surrounded by
During the first days, I decided to take my parents with me to show them the beauty of Europe. We had a
flight from Moldova and I was super excited to explore this new destination with them. It was a huge
responsibility because I was the one who organised the trip. Luckily, we had really nice weather in Croatia,
so the temperature of the water was more than 20 degrees.
From the first days, ESN Erasmus in Rijeka started organising nice trips and city walks.

Why did you decide to choose Rijeka as your Erasmus+ destination?

Because of the coast and it also has a quite good location in Europe to travel from. I thought that
Croatia is quite a cheap destination, however,…

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