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universitas airlangga, indonesia
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 Universitas Airlangga in Indonesia would like to invite UO students to join their virtual exchange programs, AMERTA XV (Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate and Master at Airlangga Batch XV) and LINGUA (Learning Indonesian Language at Universitas Airlangga).

AMERTA is an international semester exchange program hosted by Universitas Airlangga to offer undergraduate and master students overseas an opportunity to partake in studying for one semester in Universitas Airlangga, which constitute a wide array of the learning program in social and cultural aspects, economics, natural sciences, as well as health/life sciences and all courses will be delivered in English.

LINGUA is designed for Indonesian language and culture enthusiasts willing to learn and understand the subjects via intensive lessons. It comprises two learning programs: LINGUA Level A1 & A2, which focuses on the beginner-level lesson, and LINGUA Level B1 & B2, which consists of the intermediate-level lesson.

Our virtual exchange programs cover the following:
Tuition fee waived
Transferable credits*
Transcripts and certificate
Online classes delivered by lecturers from overseas universities
*prior discussion with home university/ department is suggested in regards to the curriculum

Program Timeline
Program duration: 1 semester (5 months)
Program period: February – July 2022

Contact if you want to apply. Application deadline: 27 December 2021.



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