Intercultural Workshop in Głuchołazy

(16 March 2018)
by Kinga,

Intercultural Communication MA student

The future, as the adage goes, is always beginning now. It is a good motto which can be applied to the latest experience of the regular and Erasmus exchange students who participated in the workshop with high school students in Głuchołazy.

I had a chance to be a participant of the excursion and therefore share my thoughts about the initiative.

The meeting with young people, who shape their knowledge about the close and the further  surrounding world, was tinged with responsibility. Despite the fact that the age factor between us – the students and the high school pupils – was not that significantly different, we had an opportunity to exchange the world vision through cultural aspects. Conversations related to mutual intercultural experience. International students talked about their countries of origin, and therefore various aspects of their cultures. High school students were interested in foreigners’ opinions about Poland.


It was a great chance to understand that diversity is not something that one needs to be afraid of. Having in mind the previously mentioned adage, the perception of the world is shaped, among others, by the experiences and acquired knowledge coming from various resources. Since the future is beginning right now, it is up to each of us do decide what kind of attitude foundation is it built on. Such happenings help to shape stances towards the second man thanks to exploration of the complexity of cultural diversity.

It should not be omitted that the trip consisted of the second part, which was sightseeing of Głuchołazy and visiting the castle in Moszna. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the positive attitude of the tour participants was not cooled down.

Many thanks to all participants, for their active contribution, as well as to the organizers of the excursion!