Dear students,

In response to your needs, we are opening an extracurricular English course. Anyone who would like to review the grammar and structures of English is invited. We are going to go through all the tenses of English, try to increase our vocabulary, and later on – work on your writing skills. We will be doing exercises, writing short texts and having discussions. Our goal is to increase your confidence when it comes to your language skills in both speaking and writing – particularly in the academic context. The course is free and open for everyone and will be taught in English. The classes will be taking place each Friday at 6 PM starting on 18.11.16.

This is yet another course we have the pleasure of organizing for you. A few weeks ago we have opened a basic Polish course (A1 level). If you are prepared to make up for the missed classes, you can still join us. We meet twice a week: on Wednesday at 6:15 PM and on Friday at 5 PM. The classes are an hour long.

Should you have any questions regarding either of the courses, don’t hesitate to write to their teacher at .