Dear students,

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend. As you are probably already well aware, it’s going to last until Wednesday 12 AM, after which – depending on your schedule – you may or may not have classes. Although we’re sure you’re already taking advantage of the bonus free days, we’ve thought some of you might not be aware of the reason for these holidays.

All Saints’ Day is a Christian festival celebrated worldwide as well as a national holiday in Poland. It’s celebrated on November 1st , when people visit the graves of their deceased relatives. They leave flowers and candles on the graves and pray for the dead. In Christianity, the celebrations actually last three days – beginning with All Saint’s Eve (also known as Halloween) and finishing with All Souls’ Day, which are not national holidays in Poland, however. Tomorrow, though, most shops are closed, so we hope you’ve gathered enough provisions.

In the evening the cemeteries look quite spectacular, so we encourage you to take a walk through one of them. Expect the buses to be full, though.

By the way, did you remember about yesterday’s change to Daylight Saving Time? The official Poland’s time was moved one hour back (adding yet another hour to the long weekend!).

See you back at the uni, soon!