Tour de Pubs with Dominik


If you are a student who moved lately to Opole and you still don’t know where to spend your free time with friends – Dominik lends you a hand! He is a student of psychology at the University of Opole who would like to help you with making your decissions easier!


Hi, my name is Dominik and I would like to invite you to the ”Tour de pubs”. I am going to tell you about places in Opole where students most often spend their free time in the evenings.

Each place is kind of unique, because each has something special to offer. I’ll focus mainly on the pubs that are on or near to the market square, because it’s the place where students usually gather.

I’ll start with probably the oldest of the pubs in Opole – ”Staromiejska” [Staromiejska 12], which offers great access in terms of the number of seats and you can almost always sit there freely. The characterisitcs of ”Staromiejska” is that every Tuesday and Thursday there’s a karaoke party.

Ministerstwo Wódki i Śledzia” [Rynek 32] and ”Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa” [Książąt Opolskich 2-6] are the next two places. I put them together because they are very similar to each other, mainly, because of the large selection of menus. Both places are besieged by students, which makes it difficult to find free places there (especially late in the evening) despite a lot of seats in each of them.

Next one is ”Kill Bill” [Piastowska 4]. What distinguishes it from the others is the offer of various types of board games, cards and other games. It is a great fun for the whole crew to spend time there in the atmosphere of Kill Bill’s decor based on action films mainly directed by Quentin Tarantino. The only drawback of ”Kill Bill” is that there’s not much place.

The last one and probably the most favourite place among students is “Highlander” [Szpitalna 3], known for its great meeting atmosphere, large space and a large selection of different alcohols. Due to its popularity it is very difficult to find free places there regardless of the weather and time of the day.

Pubs in Opole are well prepared for students who love to party and spend time with a great team in a good atmosphere. It’s up to you where you decide to go! Remember to choose [and drink – Ed.] wisely.