New safety rules

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland
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  We are introducing new safety rules, including restrictions on movement!

 Until 11th of April, you will not be able to move freely, if it’s not necessary for living, health and professional purposes. Therefore, the restrictions do not apply to: 

  • travel to work.
    You have the right to get to your job. You also have the right to buy goods and services related to your professional activity.
  • volunteering. If you help people in quarantine and those, who should not leave their houses, you can move around as part of this activity.
  • dealing with everyday life necessities. You will be able to move around to do the necessary shopping, buy medicines, see a doctor, look after relatives and walk the dog.

 Important! You can only move in a group of up to two people. This restriction does not apply to families.

On a bus, tram or subway only half of the seats can be occupied. If there are 70 seats in the vehicle, it can have a maximum of 35 people on its board.

The new regulations also prohibit any gatherings, meetings or events

More than 5 people will not be able to participate in religious rites at the same time.

Despite the changes introduced, all previous restrictions remain in force, (like closing of shopping malls, cancelling entertainment activities, a mandatory 14-day quarantine for those returning from abroad etc).


source: Serwis Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

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