Namedy Workshops 2018

Arts Based Reserach

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A group of students of social sciences from the University of Opole practiced conducting research based on art (art based research) analyzing the conceptual work of art students and attitudes towards the idea of ​​the project Kunst in Park (cooperation, community, solidarity, responsibility in the mind of F. W. Raiffeisen) in the Namedy castle in Andernach, Rhineland-Palatinate on June 27 – 2.07. 2018. Students worked with dr hab. Magdalena Hlawacz from the Faculty of Arts, Michał Wanke PhD from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Marcin Deutschmann from the Academic Career Center. The works of art of students from the University of Applied Sciences in Trier were created under the supervision of Professor Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci from the Department of Experimental Design.


As part of the workshop, alternative interpretations of works and design ideas were created, both in the form of text and visualizations. All the exercises took place in diverse groups – students came from many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, what allowed to introduce an intercultural perspective.


A castle for artistic and scientific work was provided by the duchess Heide von Hohenzollern, honorary president of the Moving.Lab association, whose members are all the above mentioned academic teachers.