All of you have obviously selected your courses when preparing your Learning Agreement upon arrival to Opole. As it has been always the case, though, some courses would open and some would be canceled.

This is why we need to organize the final registration for the courses in the summer semester. Click the link on the right hand side and see the courses that are available. Select the disciplines that are of interest to you at the bottom of the page. Please, pay attention the limits. Tomorrow (Thursday, Feb 16) at 2.00 PM we will open the registration. Just type in your name in the row of the course you would like to attend. Please, do not delete other people’s names. Keep in mind that some courses require a minimum number of students to open (and others don’t).

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us or contact your departmental coordinators. The registration will be closed on Friday, Feb 17, 1.59 PM and the course lists will be sent to the departmental coordinators.