During the period of summer break and the first semester of academic year 2015/16, the Institute of Sociology of Opole University offers an intensive academic training for incoming international students that comprises several research, organizational and teaching tasks, including:

  • being involved in day-to-day activities as: faculty meetings, regular research projects data analysis (Graduates’ Careers Monitoring, Quality of Learning Evaluation [quantitative] analysis in SPSS), contacting prospect students from outside of Poland, answering questions about studies in English;

  • involvement in international research projects (where English is required or justified): Familiar Strangers on the Freedom Bus Stops (a part of Freedom Bus project with Tier University of Applied Sciences and the University of Luxembourg) – including conducting interviews, transcribing recordings, coding qualitative material, CAQDA analysis (Atlas.ti);

  • assisting in the Summer School for humanities and social sciences candidates for studies at Opole University – helping carrying out sociology workshops;

  • assisting in teaching the Basic Concepts of Sociology course for domestic sociology students (taught in English) in the form of facilitative conversations supervised by the leading academic teacher;

  • writing and submitting a journal paper to a selected academic journal within the field of sociology under the supervision of one of the faculty members.

The internship can be taken up from the beginning of July 2015 up to the end of February 2016. The students will be involved in the selected tasks and will be always assisted by a full time faculty member.

The placement does not involve a salary and it is meant for students equipped with external funding, especially Erasmus+ internship program.

The recruitment is ongoing. In order to start the enrollment procedure, contact the supervisor: Michał Wanke, MA, Erasmus+ Coordinator at the Institute of Sociology, Opole University, michal.wanke@uni.opole.pl

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Step by step:

If you are interested in participating and your university is willing to send you for Erasmus+ training, here is what happens:

  1. Please fill in our official application form. Please note, that we require the signatures of your Erasmus+ coordinators. You do not have to post it, we accept scans of the documents, but please, bring it with you to Opole.
  2. Attach your CV and the application form (scan) and email it to erasmus@uni.opole.pl
  3. After reviewing your application, we will issue a letter of acceptance.
  4. Finally, we need to fill in the Agreement for Traineeship form and collect all the signatures, both at your university and the University of Opole.

Should you have any questions regarding the procedure, please contact your Erasmus+ coordinator or Uni. of O. Erasmus Office.