My Erasmus Adventures

Victoria in Padova
by Emilia Galas,

International Business BA student

Hello Everyone! It’s time for a new story about an Erasmus experience! Victoria will tell us about her adventures in Padova,Italy 🙂


Hey Victoria! Please tell us something about yourself 🙂

Hello, my name is Victoria, but many foreigners are used to calling me Vicky, I just recently turned 20 and my major is English in Public communications, this is my third year of studies. I am originally from Ukraine, specifically Lviv, a city which charms everyone.  In my free time I enjoy singing, I finished music school when I was 15, my major was an instrument called Bandura.  I also like to learn languages, right now I know 5 of them, but I am eager to learn more for sure. I adore animals, because they bring peace to me, so I also like to spend time with my dog, which I sadly have to leave back home in Ukraine with other members of my family whenever I leave for uni. 

Could you tell me what place you decided to choose as your Erasmus destination? What was your first feeling when you arrived to there?

I decided to choose Padova…

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