Will begin in late
April 2018

Admission Requirements

The BA diploma (or equivalent) constitutes the basic admission criterion. We require English language skills at B2 level, confirmed by a certificate. 

*To get enrolled in Visual Communication MA Programme you will have to passan exam consisting of two parts: review of the portfolio (10 works of art minimum) and interview on the topics of contemporary art, art history, and communications. The exam can be passed online.

About the Programme

Over the years methods of communication have undergone many significant changes. With time and the development of technology, came the flood of information that can overload the world. In times like these, skilled creators as well as aware educators, and inquisitive analysts are a necessary part of all communities. Visual Communication consist of three paths blended in one, creating a unique programme in the visual communication field. Students will have an opportunity to delve into three domains: Art, Education, and Communication, with a strong emphasis on visual arts. In the era of abundance of images and narratives there is a constant need for sound inquiry in the visual cultures as well as good artistry in the field.

The Structure of the Programme

The Visual Arts Master’s Programme is based on the subjects that are centred on creative skills. Graphic design, printmaking, drawing and illustration will help students gain abilities necessary  in their future career. The artistic craftsmanship, especially in digital environments is supplemented by the emphasis on understanding and interpretation of contemporary art and artworks. This enables our students to become informed, conscious and critical art educators. Last, but not least, the analytical skills in understanding the communication processes (semiotics, semantics rethorics) are developed as well as the means to understand the broader context of society and culture. We shape creators, educators and communicators to work either in the art institutions or culture industries or even in marketing and advertising.

The Most Important Courses

Graphic Design

During this course you will learn about the fundamental skills, crucial in a work of every graphic designer as well as create innovative visual projects that will affect the public.



Capturing and manipulationg the visual reality in frames both in – and outside of the atelier prepares the students to be professional amonf millions of amateur photographers.

Drawing and Illustration

Deveopling the skills in manual craftsmanship constitutes a sound base of any artisitic action, creation and interpreatation.

Art and Arts Based Education

This course, together with other communication and public relations courses, compliment the art education with the communication studies knowledge and skills.

Advantages of the Programme

Unique Programme

Our programme prepares skilled visual artists ready to work in and analyze the culture of images. Owing to the Interdisciplinary character of the study, you will gain flexibility, hard and soft skills so much on demand today in the labour market.

Comprehensive art training

Our graduates will acquire a blend of creative skills in visual arts, including designing in the industry standard Creative Suits, and substantial theoretical background to understand the visual cultures.

Favourable learning environment

Art studios of our compact and young yet vibrant Faculty of Art exude the perfect aura for developing originality and getting inspiration. it is the place where your potential will not be wasted but developed beyond the limits.

Additional Information