Dear Candidate! On this website you will find detailed information about the registration procedure for the programmes at the University of Opole.

Before you start the enrollment process we kindly ask you get familiar with the Principles of Enrollment.

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Basic info

In order to enroll to one of the programmes in English, offered by the Univeristy of Opole ( ) you have to register in IRK, the online recruitment system.

To create an account in the IRK, you have to select create an account option on the top menu. Candidates for second-cycles studies who do not know the diploma number yet (are in the process of their BA or engineering thesis defence), indicate the temporary number “-1”. After the defence, they fill in the correct diploma number.


The Most Important Recruitment Information

Principles of Enrollment


Recruitment Step by Step

Hello News

Regular Measures

Alessandro Bosetti Performance Dear Students, Do you have plans for today's evening? The Contemporary Art Gallery has a great offer for you. We would like to invite you to the performance entiltled Regular Measures that will take place on June 15 at 9 pm at the...

Our students visited the Czech Republic

Our trip to the Czech Republic On Monday, May 28 we took our students to the nearby Jeseniky mountains in the Czech Republic to create a great opportunity for different nationalities to mix and encounter each other. We departed from the Cervenohorske pass and hiked to...