Winter Semester 2017/2018 Variable Course Registration

Dear students,

This Monday, the 8th of May, at 8 a.m., a registration for the winter semester variable course will open. You might remember the procedure, although to refresh it in your memory go here. As usual, we advise you to go to USOSweb and look through the courses in advance, because you will have to fish them out from the list where English and Polish courses are mixed up. Please, remember, that you can choose from all the courses except for those taught at your department.

Traditionally, the most popular courses will be grabbed up in no time. But you will have more than one opportunity to deregister and select another course, if you change your mind or see that the group you have chosen is not numerous enough and most probably will not be open – the registration will be held in three stages:

  1. 8–10 May 2017
  2. 15–18 May 2017
  3. 29–31 May 2017 (individually with a respective department coordinator).
Introducing Cultures- Indonesia

Introducing Cultures- Indonesia

What is the tastiest water in Indonesia? What is the first thing you need to learn when going to a restaurant? How to take shower in Indonesia? Is it easy or difficult to take a selfie with the locals? How to get ready for going to the beach? Ania Tomczak, our Europa...